Hi! You know how you can dream of making the world a better place?

And how you can’t stop thinking¬†about a problem you want to solve?

Then you also know that taking a not-for-profit from dream to reality takes more than good intentions.

You need a team to lift your idea and get it moving into the real world.

That’s where we come in.

I’m John Eyles, creator and founder of the EON Foundation. I understand the stretch, struggle and succeed process behind every not-for-profit. Since 1998, EON has grown and shrunk with the times. But, we have stayed true to our core purpose.

To support the growth of not-for-profit initiatives in the service of humanity.

Here’s some of what we can do for you:

  • Give your not-for-profit initiative NZ charity-registered status under the EON Foundation umbrella.
  • Give you a page on our website so you can showcase your work.
  • Help you identify your target audience and benefactors and, help put them in touch with you.
  • From time to time, host events so we can learn, grow and connect.

You bring:

  • Your ideas, dreams and experience.
  • Any marketing material like logos and branding.

How it works

Once you get in touch, we’ll arrange a time to meet (preferably in person). We’ll have a chat about your ideas and make sure they’re a good fit for EON Foundation.

If all goes well, you’re in! From there, we’ll put together the formalities so we can have you up and running as soon as possible.


EON Foundation is a NZ registered charitable trust.