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About EON

The EON Foundation New Zealand is a visionary organization with a pragmatic approach. We are dedicated to the rapid evolution of humanity, based in new thinking, learning, collaboration, and co-creation.

Our mission is to ignite the capacity of human beings to learn, and act harmoniously together, for the highest good of all. Guided by these principles, we engage in the following areas, to help create a Good Future:

1. Evolving Humanity and Technology

2. Embracing Indigenous Wisdom

3. Developing Sustainable Ecosystems

4. Harnessing Imagination and Play


5. Supporting Ideas for Change

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A Hopeful Future

As the world spirals into an unknowable and unpredictable future, human beings are facing the most existential challenges we can't imagine. With the explosive rise of AI, robotics, societal and global upheaval, plus the impacts of climate change, we need new thinking, new ideas, swift evolution, and rapid action, to ensure the survival of humanity, and future generations.

EON collaborates with uncommon thinkers, visionaries, and innovators, from all walks of life. Our mentoring process integrates play, indigenous wisdom, technology, and quantum notions, to harness imagination, see the future, and discover radical new solutions.

Customised programs for individuals, groups, companies, and organisations are avilable through EON's initiative PlayLabs. Unlock your Evolutionary Potential!

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EON History

The EON Foundation was established in 1998 as a registered charitable entity in New Zealand. Originally based in a caravan above a beach on Waiheke Island, EON has since evolved its vision and mission to promote learning and our shared humanity.

Throughout its history, EON has been involved in a range of activities and projects, locally and internationally. In 2002, EON was invited to participate in the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, with Project International students giving presentations. Click
HERE to read about more EON Initiatives.

In 2006, EON hosted its first Education Symposium, which looked at how digital media could be used to enhance the delivery of the core competencies, as set out by the OECD Ministers of Education. This was followed by support for the Future of Learning in a Networked World series and workshops, on the use of wiki and open-source technology, to develop an affordable and effective digital channel for community-based visual literacy, as well as the use of mobile learning.

EON initiated a number of educational projects in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, with the aim of promoting sustainable development, through the innovative use of technology and English, for international communication.

EON has also empowered PlayLabs NZ, exploring the power and application of Imagination and Play, the YMedia Challenge, linking young media designers with charitable organisations, the Virtual Paa project, linking Maori diaspora through digital storytelling and social networks; and the Walk off War project, using nature and walking as therapeutic tools for PTSD.

AHI KORA SUMMIT _edited.jpg

EON Projects

Current Projects include: 

Ahi Kora - Game support, design (esports) and AHI KORA Summit (pictured), applying indigenous Innovation to Gaming, Education, and Health

TransFibre - R&D initiative, transforming biowaste into BioPlastics and Composites

PlayLabs - incubator /accelerator for Change Thinking, Change Systems, Change Funding  

English for Healthcare Workers - training to empower 1+million Healthcare workers


Catalyst 2030

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a comprehensive plan to achieve a better future for all.  The 17 Goals provide a blueprint for eliminating extreme poverty, reducing inequalities, rehabilitating our natural environment, ensuring access to justice, improving well-being, and building the global partnerships needed for sustainable development — all by 2030

As a Catalyst 2030 partner, EON is focused on supporting Catalyst Ambassadors, the Aotearoa New Zealand Chapter, with numerous SDGs (1, 3, 4, 9, 11, 17), in multiple regions and sectors.


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